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Twitter is a Free Social Networking service. Registered with Twitter we can publish our post to our Followers. We also informed the post that we are Following. Broadcasting a post is called Tweet. And when we reply a tweet is the Retweet. Twitter Marketing is an effective way of digital marketing.

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Twitter Marketing :

We can promote our brand or publish our website using Twitter. Twitter marketing is a Social Media Marketing where marketers alarm their buyers boosting a link or present a product on their Twitter Profile. They can also inform about others interest.

Make a Twitter Profile:

Profile Name: To make a Twitter Profile you have to go on page and click on Sign Up. On Sign up page write down your Name insert your email id. Give your phone number. After making a Twitter profile you must complete your Profile. For Twitter Marketing your Profile takes a vital role. Your Profile must be relevant to your brand or product that you want to broadcast on Twitter. Choose a perfect Profile name. Your Profile Name will attract the other users. So try to set a related Name of your product or service.

User Name: Write down the proper user name what will appear to other users to present you.

Images :

You have to attach a Profile Picture and a Header Image for complete tour Profile. We suggest you select a High-quality Header Image sized by 1500×500 pixel photo. Your Header Image represents your Interest. Header Image must be related to your brand or product. Try to make an Image yourself using tool Social Media Post Creator. It’s important to set your Own Picture on Profile. Your smiling or official picture may be select for  Profile. A picture sized 400×400 pixels is appropriate for Profile Picture. Never use a cartoon, animal or landscape for your Profile picture.

Add Bio:

Bio defines your interest and lets people know who you are. Describe yourself shortly with in 160 characters. Use # tag to define your keywords. Your description will never be more than 160 characters.

Add your location. Select your city and country.

Add URL: Add your website URL or Youtube channel link on your profile.

Following and Followers:

The person interest with your same choice you must follow them.  They are your Following. By whom you will be followed they are your Follower. You should try to follow the person interested in your product. Find the Following with your topic related searching in the Twitter search box. You can use Twitter advanced search option to find your real Follower and Following. You may use the tools crowed fire apps for check following and followers. Check recent Unfollower. Then check recent Followers and Inactive Followings.

Make a successful Tweet:

Try to write a Tweet between 120-130 characters. Your tweet will not more than 140 characters.  Describe your product perfectly using the link. Use link shorten to place your link on your Tweet.  Optimize description and placing a link to your tweet to get high CRT. Use Hash # tag more and more. It will increase public interest on you. You find related   Hash # tag on the site and Try to place your shorten link at the middle of the description.

Schedule Tweet:

Make Schedule for your Tweet. It will publish more time according to schedule and increases your website visitors. The tool Drum up is mostly used for scheduled Tweet and Tweeter Analytics.

Six Important Elements for making a credible  Twitter Profile:

  1. User Name
  2. Profile Picture
  3. Next Add Your Bio
  4. Now Add Your Location
  5. Add Your Website Link
  6. Cover Picture

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