Twitter Marketing Killer Tips For Growing Your Digital Marketing

The Process of Twitter Marketing will guide you to go through proper marketing channel. It is a popular free micro blogging platform.  Here a registered person expresses his opinion in 140 characters. It is also called a social networking website. We need a community platform for marketing our brand. So we can choose Twitter very easily.

Twitter Marketing, Digital Marketing

Twitter Marketing

There are many reasons that we will be able to pick up Twitter for promote our business. To always stay connected with customers. By doing this you will know what kind of product customer needs. To build a relationship with other. Through Twitter, you can create relationships with many people. Which will have the positive impact on your business. If you want to become a trusted brand, Twitter’s role is very important. Twitter is an important tool for marketing your product. You can choose Twitter for product feedback.

Twitter needs to be selected to increase online reproduction. Twitter is very profitable for growing product sell or paid marketing.

Customize your Twitter Profile

The value of a good quality and professional Twitter account is more than thousands of low-quality Twitter accounts. When a Twitter account is professional, then people who noticed it as soon as they follow it.

When the profile is a credible one, people will follow you to know your updates. And that will be very happy news for you. Let’s look at some of the things that need to be customized. If you have a personal account, use a photo that has a professional look. If you have a company account, give a nice company logo. The logo that can be considered how professional the company is. Write a nice Bio with in 160 characters (including spaces). Use keywords in the bio. For your potential followers, you may Create a cover photo related your key word. A background image of professional quality will need to be created.

In order to create an image, keep in mind that the image is not a product or anything like advertising. The background image must be below 800 kilobytes. And for the size, I will recommend for 1600 * 1200 pixels.

Use of Tools for Twitter Marketing:

At Social media, twitter is the most powerful marketing way. For which many third party tools of Twitter marketing have been found, which provide a lot of flexibility in marketing. Hundreds of tools can be found online. You can use it if you want. I use the following tools for the sake of my work. In a word, these tools are my favorites as well as its trusted.


Manage Filter is an awesome tool. This tool helps you reach your Tweets on all your followers feeds. Even those who followed you but you did not follow back and in-active users, it helps you reach your tweets.


It’s an awesome tool. Many features can be found in the tool. It is very easy to complete tasks that are done separately with different tools. But there are free and premium versions. A lot of features will be available in the free version, and if you take a premium, only one tool is enough.


This tool will help you make schedules or tweets according to time. That means you can select the country and at the same time, you can tweet according to the country’s time.

You must use the tool Crowed Fire App, DrumUp, Link Shorten tool, Hash Tag tool for making a powerful and effective tweet.

Twitter Search

Twitter search is very important to get desired customers or desired visitor for selling my product. Personally, when I work on Twitter, I spend most of my time in the Twitter search option. Because I get my visitors and customers from here. Also, at the twitter adds, most of the time I target the search term. Write down some of the ways to search. Which will make you 100 percent successful in fulfilling your target.

First of all, search on your blog or website. If someone mentions you, you will know it. After entering on Twitter, this should be done. This allows faster customer support, as well as be able to meet the needs of the audience.

Search your keyword with the location. Then you will be able to get more work or help you to make more product sales.

Twitter’s Advanced Search will use for finding your exact result. And get your target results. Save that search result. After the search, the page that comes first, you will find the Save option on the right. Click here to save it. If you need to repeat again, clicking the search box will come down and save the search.

Make relation with your followers

Make engagements with followers. Re-tweet and join the discussion. There are several discussions on your keyword-based major Twitter page. There you join for the discussion. Do not follow too many people. Because nobody will follow you when they see 1000 people following but there are only 10 followers. Re-Tweet But it must be interesting.

Make your tweet interesting

Always remember when tweeting that your tweets are of course information worthy or fun. When tweeting on Twitter, you must use the hash tag. For example, if you tweet the WordPress theme then you will tweet this way #WordPress #Theme or #WordPressTheme. Do you make a tweet per month? This is not a marketing method. Not only marketing methods, those who follow you will refuse you. So every week or if possible, make one tweet daily. Then your followers and your business will remain active. Tweet at the exact time. When many Twitter users are online, then tweet, as a result many of your followers will see it.

Who will be Followed by You

Follow the companies or persons that are related to your keywords. If you have clients then follow him. The client will be happy in it. In addition, he will refer to his acquaintances.

Boost Your Profile

Please mention your Twitter page in different places. Eg. Business card, Facebook fan page, email signature, website or blog. Create Twitter Button and publish in different places. Create your Twitter Gadget for your blog. You can make paid marketing. It will help you to move your profile forward.

Hope these killer tips of Twitter Marketing will help you to promote your business or make your product more sales. If you want to be a Twitter Marketing specialist. You must read the points given here. Because every point is very important.

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