Paid Campaign Facebook Marketing (Facebook advert)

Facebook advert or Paid Campaign Facebook Marketing – guide you to boost your product on Facebook. By this process, you reach your targeted traffic and be successful in the field of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing, Facebook Marketing

Digital Marketing

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook Marketing is one of leading marketing platform of the online marketing system. We can promote or publish our brand or product by Facebook advert option. In this system, we can touch a lot of people who use Facebook. We publish our post to the community who are related with me in my Facebook profile and it is free for us. Facebook paid marketing offer us to boost our page to a definite audience for a small budget.

Here we describe you step by step process of paid campaign Facebook marketing. Practically you will see screen shot images which will guide you do it yourself.

Paid Campaign Facebook Marketing Process can be sort into four steps.

  1. Campaign:
    • Choose your objective.
  1. Advert set:
    • Select targeted Audience
    • Make a budget and schedule for your advert.
  1. Add Media:

–    Chose a topic related image

–    Insert text.

  1. Payment Method:

–    Pay your cost for the campaign. 

  Campaign setup:

Campaign setup is the step of choosing your object. Here you select your marketing object. You can boost your post, promote your page, increase conversion on your website and so on. But these three objects are mostly used for paid marketing. Facebook boost your post for payment. You can also promote a page by payment or increase traffic to your site tracking by Facebook platform. It will touch a large number of people and make your campaign success.

Select a Targeted Audience:

Select targeted people who are interested in your product or brand. You can select a country. Age of the people, Gender of people and their interested. This step will help you to focus the perfect people about your product. Make a schedule for your advert when it will appear to the definite Facebook user. You can select date and time for your advert and so your budget will be narrow what will save your money.

Add Media:

You must select a high-quality image what is your object related. It will make people interested on your brand. Give a Head line of the product. It may be the name of your company or brand. Tell a short description of your service in a line.

By this way, the visitor can know about your product in a short view. It makes them interested and they will explore your advert.

Payment Method:

You have to pay for your campaign. As you select a budget, you need to pay it by online money card. Neteller plastic ATM card, Neteller virtual card, Paypal, Payza, Okpay, Payoneer are available for your payment.

Important steps:

It is important Three step for online Facebook marketing that creates a perfect image and inserts Header of the product. Give a short description of the product. The image is most important because it will attract viewers. Try to a create an image you won using the site social media post creator and pixabay. It makes your image unique and it is not copy right protected. Give much importance to definite your audience. Success highly depends on targeted audience.

Be aware:

Be aware that the advert image must not contain text more than twenty percent. Adult content, social, state, religion or moral value oppositional subject must be prohibited for your advert. Never use an image containing play button. Suggest you not to write text such as play now, watch online. It doesn’t make viewers encourage to explore your advert.

Affiliate Marketing: You can not do affiliate marketing directly through Facebook marketing. So take a domain and named your brand related. Then you have to redirect it to your referral link. You find offers in Affiliate site or CPA offer site.

Practical Facebook marketing process. Here you follow the process step by step and make you own your advert.






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