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The process of submitting a Text Article, Image or Video in any Article Submission site or Social Media Network is called Article Submission or Content Marketing. We find a lot of Article Submission site in Google search but we should remember in mind that it is important to submit our article in the sites which have high D/A and also our topic related.

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We should submit our article in the right category. Submitting an article will help to boost up our site Google page rank. It also increases traffic to my site from other sites.


The process of writing an Article for Content Marketing:

Write down your Article. The subject of your Article must be your Topic related. Check your Content Unique. The tools  GTmatrix is helpful for Analyze your content. First, give a Title of your Content. Describe the matter of this Article properly. Using a Visual Content makes our Article more attractive. It is very much important that place Keywords in right Anchor text. We should Use other popular site links to our content to rise up Google awareness. It is better to optimize keywords in our text content. Marketing policy says that we must always avoid   Adult or any Other Negative Issues. Make preparation to submit an Article in a week or in every three days.

How to Submit An Article:

Find out some Article submission site from Google search. Create your account and confirmed by Email verification. Complete your Profile. Advise you to include your social media links on your profile.  Always post best quality Article. Make sure that the site you submit your article is giving you properly do follow links for your site. Another matter you have to give more attention that you add proper Keyword text links to your Signature. Also, make sure that you submit your Article related to your niche directories.

Important Tips for Image Sharing:

Pick up some Image sharing site from Google search. Sign up to create your account and confirmed by Email verification. Fill up your Profile. Important to include your social media links on your profile. Also, give your web site URL. Select a high-quality Image. Try To make an image with help of Info graphic tools. Up load your Image. Give an Attractive Title of the Image. Give description including your website link. It is highly prohibited to upload any Adults or negative impression Image which will hurt others. If you want to boost up your rank on Google you must not try spamming.

You have to make some strategies for content marketing. The success of content marketing highly depends on the right process of writing an article.

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