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Here I will tell you – How you can earn money using Google Adsense. Blogging is the way to get a Google Adsense account. Already many of you have started thinking that how to start the work. Many people will be disappointed to start work because you need a Google Adsense account. It is not so easy to manage these Google Adsense.

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Google consider first that the applicant must have the power to reach the visitors. How much he is a skilled marketing person to create and maintain a website or blog so that daily hundreds of visitors will see them. When applying to Google, you have to provide your own blog or site address to them.

If Google thinks that many visitors will come to this blog or site then they will accept you as part of the Google AdSense program. How can Google be trusted that you can be a potential advertising campaigner? The job is not easy. Let’s talk about them. The easiest and safest way is to open a website.

Blogging Is The Easiest And Safest Way to Get Adsense Approval

In your blog, you should publish the content that will attract Internet visitors to the site. That content must be original. That means you can get articles from another site, and publish it on your site, so many people can befool, and Google will cancel you. Hence the information is kept on the site these will be real information and useable. On the other hand, they should not be copied directly from anyone.

If you need to provide information about any thing then you want to read about it on different sites and write it yourself. Always have to try to have a personality in writing. Besides, if the information is updated regularly then it will take more attraction of the visitors. To get Google’s acceptance, you must have at least 30 pages or more information on your blog. Thus, when a site is standing and some visitors start to come, apply for an account to Google. However, if the site is new, the pages are less and there are a few visitors then it is not good to try for an Adsense account. Because once it is canceled, in future it is difficult to get a chance.

Approve Adsense Account with Blogger

There’s a fairly easy way. Open an account from Blogger. Why the blogger? The first reason – you need a simple blog system and create a  blog on blog spot is very easy. Second reason – this blog system is Google’s own system, As a result, its acceptability is more than the other blog sites. The third reason – it’s totally free. For testing Google’s account, free domain is more useful than the domains purchased, because Google is all remembered. If there is a problem, cancel your domain completely, so it can not be banned by Google.

Therefore you may open blog account from Blogspot. Create a blog about what you know; love and people like to read. Write about such things yourself. If necessary, you can take information from other sites, but be careful that they are not copied. A sentence can be written in several ways. So try to present external information in a new way.

Regularly post on your blog after two days or three days about a topic. This way, after crossing the week, you can apply for an account with Google. You can give the address of the blog as the address of your site. The most important thing is its name when creating a blog. In your blog address, you have to try adding two words related to your blog’s content. It will be useful. But to get the account, always keep your attention on the content quality. Because Google has been announcing that they focus more on the quality of the content, rather than quantity of content.

Approve Adsense Account with Hubpages

There is another way to get an account. Go to Hubpages. Open an account and Write a lot of information on your own with a topic. Publish the text at the hubpage. Post a few days like this. They have called hub for each post. Wait a day or two. Log on to the Hub page. Go to Account Settings and apply for Adsense. Here are the possibilities for getting an Adsense account when hub page is requesting to google for you. Once the account is created, then the advertise can be used on any blog or site. Just be careful that all Google’s terms are in compliance with the conditions. Google will not take ten seconds time to cancel your account if there is any flaw.

Finally, start blogging for Adsense. Remember a few things, if you start, you will not stop anywhere, be patient. Do not rush. Do not try to shortcut. The Longest Way is the best Way to success. Now you are ready to go.

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