Best SEO Tools – Search Engine Optimization Software and SEO Techniques

In the field of Digital Marketing, SEO plays a vital role. First, you have to know the SEO definition before start SEO. It wants to remember that you need some SEO tools to do SEO on your website. You can not complete SEO without such tools.

Best SEO Tools, SEO Techniques

Seo tools

SEO Tools and SEO Definition:

 To complete optimization of a website, you need a different type of tools for different parts of SEO. To know more SEO google may help you lot. SEO tutorial also gives you the idea about search engine optimization. There are many SEO companies and you can take help from them.

For keyword research, you want to use one type of tools but you need another type of tools for on page optimization. Moreover, Analyze Backlinks you have to use different type tools.

All the tools you need are not free. Some tools are paid and you want to buy them for using them. It is strongly suggested you that as a beginner you use the free tools though paid tools are more effective than the free tools.

Here we discuss some SEO techniques which will help you to boost up your website. So first we need to know some SEO tools and their proper use.

1. MOZ – Free SEO Tools for Analyze Website: 

MOZ  is one of the most important tools for search engine optimization and it’s free for SEO analysis. Most of the SEO expert use this tools and it is provided by famous online marketing company MOZ and it’s a free tool. When you will start SEO for your website, it’s necessary to analyze other websites which are your competitor. You can inform about your competitor using this tools. You may compare your web site on that website. So you can make a plan, what to do for rising up your website. You need to know Domain Authority and Page Authority for SEO and these tools will help you to know such information. This tool is very much helpful for the user as beginners to expert every one can use it.

2. Yoast – WordPress Free Plugin for Onpage Optimization:

Yoast helps you to rank up your website rapidly avoiding a big competition. It’s an easy solution to boost up your website with an easy process. Yoast is one of the most widely used and the most popular SEO tool all over the world. It’s a free SEO tool for WordPress. You may use this tools when you use the WordPress CMS. First, you have to install this plug in. it’s very simple to use. If you use this plug in then you have chances to select more keywords for different pages. It’s easy to create Meta tag as your desire. Yoast monitors on your content and it helps to maintain or optimized your content properly. Basically, this tools is used for On Page Optimization.

How to maintain your content for On Page Optimization all of the points suggest this tools.  You know nothing about On Page Optimization but you need to write your article reader friendly as well as it will also be SEO friendly; such a position Yoast is the best SEO tools for you.  

3. SEOquake  –  A Powerful Free SEO Tool box:

It is hard to find such a person who performs SEO related work but never use the free tools named SEOquake. This tools will provide you a number of important information. Such as the Title of a website, image alt tag etc. And you can know the number of H1 tags is using for the site. This tool helps you to analyze a website properly. You may also know the page rank, website rank, image alt tag and the number of the indexed page.  But was a limitation that only Firefox browser was fit for this tools. But now it is available for Chrome browser.

 Keyword research is very important for you to start On page optimization for your website. It is such an important task that if you mistake some thing then the following steps will be failed. The keyword is the base for every thing related to your site.  On page optimization, competitors analysis, and the backlink strategies every thing depends on the keyword. So keyword is very much important for SEO.

4. SEMrush – Paid SEO Tools. Select the perfect keyword

The tools SEMrush is a famously paid tool. You can find the perfect keyword analyzing the Keywords for organic search, paid search, related keywords, trends and so on. You may also know the difficulty of a keyword which key word is easy or difficult to rank on search engine. This tool helps you to select the perfect keyword. To know more about the keyword, SEO Google helps you provide a lot of information.   

5. Ahrefs – SEO Analysis  & Backlink Checker:

Ahrefs is another popular SEO tools. Mainly it’s used for creating Backlink. Backlink plays a vital role in Off page optimization. Some one uses SEO software for creating Backlink but we highly recommended you not to do so. It may give you ultimate success but in the long run, you will be a loser.  Ranking a web site highly depend on Backlinks. Before making Backlinks you must have the knowledge about the Backlinks of your competitor’s web site. Ahrefs is a popular and paid Backlink analyzing tools. It’s very easy to use Ahrefs tools.

 You will be informed about the number of  Backlinks of your competitor using this tools. The number of your site Backlink. For making backlinks which website is using your competitors and which links are valuable for you. It has an extra feature that if you lost any Backlink or making a new link then it will alarm you.  

You are interested and want to know more about SEO tools, We advised you to watch the SEO tutorial that available on Youtube.  SEO wiki provides you a lot of information about SEO and SEO tools and their uses.  

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