About Us

I am Tuhin from Bangladesh. A few years ago I have first learned about Online Job through News Paper. It was new to me. I felt much interest in the online job. At that time it was not so popular among common people. Few of us know about it. I don’t like to do office job under a boss. Infect I feel free doing my job myself with out any instructions from other. So I decided to become an online freelancer. Here I have the freedom to work. Then I started to study more about it. I have explored many journals and find concept about freelancing on the internet. I found many branches of the online job. So it is difficult to choose a correct one. I think it will be easy for me to do search engine optimization. There fore I start to learn SEO.

I also start to search online market places where I will able to do some work. To learn SEO, I have bought video tutorials and also search Youtube videos for the topic.  I get a chance to make me more skilled getting a training launched by the ICT Ministry of Bangladesh. There a have learned a lot about Digital Marketing. I also engaged with different famous and successful digital marketers who provide me much information about digital marketing. It made me interested in starting a blog. And I start blogging with this website named “Inspiration-Online Freelancing.” This the medium where I express my experience and opinion. In this blog, I want to provide information about the online job to other. I also expect suggestion from the visitors. It will help us both to learn more.

Start my journey with this blog since December 2016. My mission is to spread the scene of online outsourcing all around the world through this website. I want to make a team work for improving this blog. Those who will be interested in working and assisting me, please contact me then I will select you and publish your name on this page.

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